Professional Hair Dryers

Professional Hair Dryer Reviews – Top 3 In 2018 – 2019

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Best Professional Hair Dryers

When you style your hair at home, especially for a night out, you will want it to be the same as the salon styles. This can be difficult to achieve, but with the right tools, you can get those salon styles. One tool that can help you is a professional hair dryer. They offer more power and other features you could only get on the salon versions. This list features the top three professional hair dryers on the market today.

6 Sense Styling Professional Ionic Hair Dryer Review – Our Number 1

6th Sense Styling TechnologyThis hair dryer is one that is used by many salons across Europe (VIEW PRICE HERE!). It is handcrafted in France and uses the best materials and components. Let us see what other features this product has.

  • This make of hair dryer has a well-known reputation behind it. It has a high reliability and durability that means it will last a long time.
  • The 1600 watt motor may generate less power, but through technology, it can flow the air at an amazing 75mph. This means less electricity but more power.
  • It is very lightweight and can be held for long periods without fatigue. It also features a long 10 foot cord.
  • It also has two heat and speed settings to give you total control over your drying. This means you can create the perfect style.

The Professional Ionic Hair Dryer has so many features that they can’t all be listed here. It is a very unique and specially designed product that is used by many salons.



Solano Supersolano Professional Hair Dryer Review – Number 2

Solano SupersolanoThis product from Solano has a beautiful design that looks great and is comfortable in the hand. There are many features make this hair dryer a real winner, let us take a look at some of them.

  • It uses infra-red heat to help dry the hair from the inside out. This will cut down on the drying time considerably.
  • There is a very high performance motor fitted which creates a powerful airflow. It will let you create the perfect style in no time.
  • The concentrator that comes with the hair dryer is designed to add volume as well as shine to your hair.
  • It has a number of heat and speed settings to give you the most control you will find in any hair dryer.

The Solano Supersolano Professional Hair Dryer is packed with amazing features and accessories that will give you that salon look in the comfort of your home.



Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer Review – Number 3

Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair DryerThe Rusk W8less Professional Hair Dryer is one of the lightest professional hair dryers on the market. This means you can take it away with you on trips and it won’t be an issue. Let us see some of its other features.

  • The 2000 watt motor with the built-in ion generator will dry your hair quickly without causing frizz.
  • It has a ceramic grill that is infused with tourmaline to add body and shine as well as protecting your hair.
  • There are an amazing seven heat and speed settings including a cold shot to fix the styles in place.
  • It has a long 8 feet cord that gives you enough room to style your hair without having to stretch.

The Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Hair dryer is the perfect choice for anyone that wants a light yet powerful hair dryer.




The top spot on the list goes to the Professional Ionic Hair Dryer. It has a hand built quality and many features that will give you all the flexibility you need. It is a worthy winner of our number one spot.