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Babyliss Ombre Hair Dryer Review 2022 – 2023


Susan Taylor

Susan is skilled hairdresser with a creative streak. With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Susan has honed her skills to perfection, and she's always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Susan is also an avid bloggerat, through her writing, Susan aims to inspire and educate others on how to achieve their best hair yet.

BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 Hair Dryer Review

It’s easy to get confused in an every growing hair care market, about what hair dryer you should buy. That’s why we are here to unfold that confusion and help you understand what product is best for your hair drying needs!

What to look for in a Hair Dryer

  • Power – A hair dryer needs to be powerful! It should dry your hair and do it fast, the higher the power, the faster the user is ready.
  • Hair Type – Researching a hair dryer that benefits your hair type will help your hair get the care it needs.
  • Heat Control – Hot air dries your hair, whilst cold air is used to style it. Having these heat control settings will aid in drying and holding your desired hair style.
  • Add ons – Special hair dryer attachments help style, de-frizz and smooth out the users hair, these are extremely useful and are generally included in most hair dryer products.

These four points are the key to a good hair dryer. Can the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 hair dryer possibly keep up with these needs?

What’s so special about the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 Hair Dryer?

BaByliss always aim to please their valued customers. They feel that the Ombre Number 2400 hair dryer is a must have for style conscious women. BaByliss believe they have the wow factor to pull this off and we’re very interested in seeing if they can.

What are the Main Features of the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 Hair Dryer?

  • Ceramic Technology – The BaByliss Ombre hair dryer uses heat balancing ceramic technology to ensure a steady temperature whilst the user dries their hair, this in turn prevents any chances of their hair sustaining heat damage.
  • Ionic Conditioners – Numerous hair dryers have incorporated ionic technology into their systems. Ionic technology is key in taming the frizz we often get when blow drying our hair, leaving us with sleek and shiny results.
  • Settings – Aiming to wow its users, the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer have added four heat settings, enabling the user to switch to the temperature that’s right for their hair type. Additionally there are two speed settings for drying and styling as well as a cool shot button that finally sets the style you’ve chosen in place.
  • ExtrasBaByliss have provided a concentrator nozzle and a 2.2 metre cord with their Ombre hair dryer. A concentrator nozzle directs the air flow to the certain areas users want to dry, it aids in styling the hair the way the user prefers. A two metre cord gives extra reach for the user, ensuring that the user isn’t stretching the cord or pulling the plug out of its socket.

How good does the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 Hair Dryer look?

The BaByliss Ombre hair dryer is designed in way that makes you feel like you’re gazing at a sun set. On its exterior an orange/red colour gradually fades into a hot pink. The colours might not be to everyone’s taste, yet, they do really pop which helps the product stand out.

However, having such bright colours could take away from the product. The loud colours lack a professional appeal and we feel like we should be gifting the hair dryer to a tween or a young teenager.
Either way, if you like the colour or want to gift it to a young friend or family member, then the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer would be ideal.

What are the Pros and Cons of the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 Hair Dryer?


  • Technology – Utilising ceramic and ionic technology bodes well for the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer. Using these technologies keep the product up to date and enhances the benefits for the users hair.
  • Lightweight – No-one wants a heavy hair dryer, and you definitely won’t find one here as the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer has been praised for its lightweight body. This makes it easy to handle, to dry and to style with.
  • Easy to Use – Even without the information manual provided we’re sure you’d be able to figure out how to work this hair dryer. Many users have been happy with this aspect hence why they’ve left good feedback.
  • Gifting – Lots of people need hair dryers and this leads several users to buy the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer as a gift for their friends and family. We’re sure they’d be happy to receive this hair dryer with love.
  • Guarantee – Product guarantees are available for this product in case anything should malfunction. A guarantee works as a safety net for your product and the money spent on the product. Hopefully you won’t need to utilise this option but it’s good to have, just in case.
  • Filter – Filters make sure that none of the users hairs or other substances get sucked into the motor. BaByliss have cleverly added a removable filter to the Ombre hair dryer, so the user is able to easily clean the filter, thus preventing damage to the motor.
  • Packaging – Along with the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer’s fearlessly coloured exterior, the outer packaging is also quite eye catching. Although not as colourful as what it is protecting, the box lightens the tone with a dark background with the bursts of colour coming from the photo of the hair dryer and its background presentation. The user would definitely spot it if they passed by it on a stores shelf.
  • Value – For only £26 BaByliss have tried to fit a lot into their hair dryer. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and £26 is quite a reasonable price for a lower end hair dryer.


  • Power – Despite the description mentioning ‘power and performance‘, the reality is that this nifty hair dryer isn’t as powerful as it sounds. One user said: “It would be better to dry your hair under a hand dryer in the ladies loo.” Ouch! Hopefully all the other users who liked this hair dryer aren’t having the same problems.
  • Styling – Styling is an important factor in a hair dryer, and unfortunately the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer is lacking in this area also. The concentrator nozzle provided is too wide meaning it can’t direct the heat where the users wants it, leaving not a styled look but rather a dishevelled, dragged through a bush look. Oh dear!
  • Quality – Considering the value you of the item, one could expect the quality not to be to a very high standard and one would be right. Users have branded the BaByliss Ombre hair dryer as cheap and flimsy. To us though, it’s not about the materials, it’s about whether it works well.

What do we think?

BaByliss are always coming up with innovative and creative hair care products, but we feel they missed the mark with the Ombre hair dryer. It has the potential to be an amazing hair dryer but it seriously lacks in basic areas such as power, quality and styling.

We believe this to be a good hair dryer, possibly suiting someone with thinner hair, shorter hair or maybe a younger child, and we don’t doubt that many users have been happy with this item.

Ultimately, the BaByliss Ombre Number 2400 hair dryer is a working product that is bold, easy to use, and has some great technology included within.

It might not blow you away, very quickly, but at least you can stare into its sunset exterior whilst you wait for your hair to dry!

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