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Diva Hair Dryer Reviews – Best Of 2022 – 2023


Susan Taylor

Susan is skilled hairdresser with a creative streak. With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Susan has honed her skills to perfection, and she's always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Susan is also an avid bloggerat, through her writing, Susan aims to inspire and educate others on how to achieve their best hair yet.

Diva Hair Dryer Reviews - Best Of 2015 - 2016

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Top 3 Diva Hair Dryers On The Market

When it comes to taking care of your hair, there is one tool that you are definitely going to need to add to your arsenal, and that is the hair dryer. However, with so many brands on the market today, choosing the right model for your needs can be a very complicated process.

There are so many different features that need to be considered and also the fact that certain hair dryers are only suitable for certain types of hair. One of the brands that we know has a good reputation is Diva. They have a large range of dryers for all different hair types.

In order to make your search much easier, we decided to test and review some of the most popular Diva hair dryers on the market at the moment. Please read on below for our verdict on our top three choices.


1. Diva Professional Styling Ultima 5000 Review – The Best Choice

Features: 2000w – 2 Speed Settings – 2 Heat Settings – 3 Styling Attachments – Cool Shot Function – Hanging Loop


  • Very long power cord which makes it easier to use.
  • Very powerful thanks to the 2000w motor.
  • The three styling attachments fit securely onto the end of the hair dryer.
  • It is nice and compact so very comfortable to use.
  • It isn’t too noisy.


  • It is a little more on the expensive side.

The Review

Diva Hair Dryer Reviews - Best Of 2015 - 2016Number 1 on our list of the best Diva hair dryers is their Pro Styling Ultima 5000. There are so many things that we really liked about this hair dryer, we had no hesitation at putting it at the top of our list.

Upon first taking a look at this Diva hair dryer, the first thing that really impressed us was the compact sizeIt fits really comfortably in the hand and at only 700g in weight, it is very lightweight. However, there were many other things that really impressed us with this one, it was definitely not just the design.

First of all, we really liked the 6ft power cord. We found that this allowed us to be far more flexible when drying hair. One thing that really stood out for us was the sheer amount of power that it offers, even on the lower settings.

We were really pleased to find that the noise levels are actually a lot lower than we had expected considering the 2000w motor. There are three styling attachments that come with this hair dryer and each of them fit very securely onto the end of the dryer.

The cool shot function is very effective at setting your style and there is also a handy hanging loop for storing your hair dryer when it is not in use. Overall, we were highly impressed with this Diva hair dryer and would absolutely recommend it.





2. Diva Professional Styling Veloce 3800 Pro

Features: 2200w – 2 Speed Settings – 4 Heat Settings – 2 Styling Attachments – Cool Shot Function – Removable Filter – Hanging Loop


  • 4 different heat settings to choose from.
  • Very powerful 2200w motor.
  • Salon standard hair dryer.
  • Very effective cool shot function. 


  • The hair dryer is quite heavy when in use.
  • It is quite expensive.

The Review

Next on our list of the best Diva hair dryers is the Diva Professional Styling Veloce Pro 3800. Although this model is a little more expensive than we would have anticipated, there are many aspects that make it worth the extra money.

Diva Professional Styling Veloce 3800

The first thing that is worth mentioning is that this is very similar in design to the previous model that topped our list. It is very comfortable to hold and the controls are all easily accessible when the hair dryer is in use.

The only thing that we didn’t really like so much about the design of this one is that it is quite heavy which may be problematic for those with thick or long hair. However, this dryer is very powerful thanks to the 2200w motor. One of the things that really impressed us with this one is the cool shot function. It takes a fraction of a second to switch from high to very cold temperatures.

There are two different styling attachments with this one, both of which were very effective and again, we have the extra long salon standard power cord which makes it much more user friendly. Overall we were very impressed with this one.



3. Diva Professional Styling Dynamica 3400 Pro Review


Features: 2100w – 2 Speed Settings – 4 Heat Settings – 2 Styling Attachments – Cool Shot Function – Removable Filter – Hanging Loop


  • Very affordable professional style hair dryer.
  • Comfortable to hold in the hand.
  • All of the controls are easy to access.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • It is quite noisy.

The Review

Diva Professional Styling Dynamica 3400The final entry on our list of the top 3 Diva hair dryers is the Professional Styling Dynamica 3400 Pro. In terms of design, we weren’t quite sure about this one at first as it is very different to the previous two models on our list. However, we were very impressed with it after we ran our tests.

In terms of usability, we felt that the design was more than adequate for a hair dryer in this price range. The buttons to access the different settings and the cool shot function are all easy to use and in the best places for comfort purposes. The only thing that we would say is that this one is quite weighty.

In terms of power we were really impressed. We expected it to be lacking a little because this is the least powerful motor out of all three, but we were actually very impressed, especially with the cool shot function which again, was very effective.

If you want a Diva hair dryer but you are looking for something that fits more into the budget price range then this is definitely the model for you.



As you can see, there is something for everyone in the Diva hair dryer range, no matter what price range you are working with. Take a look at each hair dryer on our list and see which one meets your needs the best.






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