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JINRI Ionic Hair Dryer Review 2022 – 2023


Susan Taylor

Susan is skilled hairdresser with a creative streak. With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Susan has honed her skills to perfection, and she's always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Susan is also an avid bloggerat, through her writing, Susan aims to inspire and educate others on how to achieve their best hair yet.

“A good hair dryer improves our efficiency and happiness.” This was quoted by the manufacturers of our next hair dryer. When reading this, it was one of those moments where the stars aligned and the world made sense.

A good hair dryer does make a difference, it makes us happy and improves our lives when it works the way it’s supposed to. It’s even better when it exceeds our expectations.

What Hair Dryer Could Impart Such Wisdom?

Todays wise words were uttered by the creators of the JINRI ionic hair dryer. Smart chaps!

What’s so Special about the JINRI Ionic Hair Dryer?

JINRI is a lesser known company, so despite most of it’s hair dryers description being roughly translated into English, they claim their innovative and energetic approach will help ladies feel more elegant and beautiful.
This is a tall order for a hair dryer, so if it is able to help achieve a great look for your hair and that then gives you a measure of confidence, then we believe that’s pretty special.

So we’ve worked out that it’s special but what are the JINRI ionic hair dryers main features?

What are the Main Features of the JINRI Ionic Hair Dryer?

  • Far Infrared Heat Technology – JINRI’s infrared technology allows it to get to the core of the hair cuticles, heating them from the inside out. The hair is evenly heated leading to faster drying and lasting results. It also protects the hair against heat damage.
  • Negative Ion Technology – Negative ions help to seal and smooth out the hair cuticles. Not only does this hair dryer minimize static electricity in your hair, but it also makes it silky and shiny without overheating.
  • AC Motor – JINRI’s fantastic AC motor lives up to four times as longer than your average hair dryer motor. It provides a strong consistent air flow that can dry even the thickest and waviest of hair in hardly any time at all. Even more impressive is the fact that, if the motor overheats, it will turn the hair dryer off, protecting the user from harms way.
  • Settings – The included settings of the JINRI ionic hair dryer are: 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speed Settings and a Cool Shot Button. JINRI definitely had the customer in mind when adding these settings, each setting meets the needs of the user in different ways. The three heat settings utilized range from cool to warm to hot, helping the user to switch between temperatures to achieve the look they’re aiming for. Two speed settings allow the user to change the amount of power that is flowing through the hair dryer. And finally, the cool shot button locks the hairstyle the user has chosen, creating lasting results.
  • Attachments – The JINRI ionic hair dryer comes with a diffuser, a concentrator and an afro comb. A diffuser is most commonly used for drying curly or wavy hair, the diffuser dries these hair types by circulating around the curls of the hair instead of the air being blown straight at the hair. A diffuser is also handy for heat damaged hair as it’s considered the safest option for the hair. A concentrator is used to concentrate on drying the separate sections of the hair, it aids in the styling of the users hair and shouldn’t blow the surrounding styled areas away whilst these are being styled. An afro comb attachment allows the user to comb their hair whilst blow drying, this adds more volume and gives the user full coverage.

How Good does the JINRI Ionic Hair Dryer Look?

The JINRI hair dryer is rather disappointing when it comes to its design. The exterior is a simple black shell with the company name ‘JINRI’ printed on the side. JINRI definitely haven’t pulled out all the stops for their product and it just leaves us frustrated. Adding a bit more colour, even at extra cost, would have brought more excitement to the product, making it stand out instead of looking so boring and generic.
But there is one good point, apparently the outer casing is smooth, so it’s got that going for it.

What are the Pros and Cons of the JINRI Ionic Hair Dryer?


  • Removable Air Filter – Having a removable air filter stops the users hair being sucked into the hair dryer. JINRI have made their hair dryer filter easy to clean, preventing a dirty motor and encouraging a longer motor life.
  • Ease of Use – With a lightweight body and ergonomically placed buttons, the JINRI ionic hair dryer keeps the user in mind. Also, its compact size enables users to store it away with ease.
  • Quality – When choosing a hair dryer, quality is very important, so it’s a great fact that the users of the JINRI ionic hair dryer have commented on its good quality.
  • Red LED Light – JINRI have manufactured into its hair dryer a red LED light to show/direct you where you’re drying your hair. Although this has unnerved some users, it’s actually quite a smart idea if you’re concerned about getting your hair just right.
  • Hair Types – The JINRI ionic hair dryer really shows off its amazing potential with all hair types. Whilst the diffuser is good for curly and wavy hair types, the actual hair dryer suits each hair types needs and can be used by any gender.
  • Power – Having three heat settings and two speed settings, we expected the JINRI ionic hair dryer to pack a punch, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. Numerous users have praised the JINRI ionic hair dryer as a powerful machine that dries very well, even halving the time they dry their hair during. Wow!
  • Cord – And if all that wasn’t enough it’s got a 2.65 metre cord, so you can get that extra reach when doing your hair without yanking the plug out of its socket.
  • Warranty – A warranty is useful for if the product is faulty upon arrival or malfunctions in the near future, this obviously shouldn’t happen but if it should then having a warranty would be a wise decision as well as a safety net. Shopping around different sellers will give you the best results in finding the right warranty.
  • Good Value – All of the pros so far are great contributors to why the JINRI ionic hair dryer is such good value for money. At only £30, the JINRI ionic hair dryer really stands out as a quality, user friendly, and affordable product. Ker-ching!


  • Red LED Light – As mentioned previously, some users have found it a bit unnerving that there is a red LED light at the end of the JINRI ionic hair dryers barrel. Paranoia sets in and suddenly you think your hair is going to set alight, but be assured, the red LED light is only meant to help you know where the air is drying your hair.
  • Heat – Several users have complained that the top heat setting is too hot. No-one likes to feel that burning sensation on their scalp! We suggest that if the heat setting is too hot for your head, then try holding the hair dryer further away or simply change it to a lower heat. Always take care of your hair, if it’s a continuous burning sensation or an irritation of the scalp then discontinue using the hair dryer and consult your local doctor. On the other hand, the rest of the users haven’t had any problems at all with this, so we’ll leave it to the jury to decide.

What do we think?

JINRI have both wowed and slightly disappointed us with their ionic hair dryer. Yet, even though the exterior might not be too exciting, this little hair dryer means business.

In terms of power, affordability, quality and other extras, the JINRI ionic hair dryer is absolutely ideal.
It comes highly recommended not only from its users but also from us.

We are very impressed and we hope you will be also.

So why not give it a go? It might even improve your efficiency and happiness.

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