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Remington 2400w Hair Dryer Review 2022 – 2023


Susan Taylor

Susan is skilled hairdresser with a creative streak. With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Susan has honed her skills to perfection, and she's always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Susan is also an avid bloggerat, through her writing, Susan aims to inspire and educate others on how to achieve their best hair yet.

Remington 2400w Hair Dryer Review 2016

Remington Hair Dryer Review

When it comes to hair dryers, there’s a broad range of quality. While the most basic dryers offer plenty of heat, you need a much more advanced model to get the best styling qualities that work with your hair.

Remington’s 2400w hair dryer is one of the leading options on the market and, with a brief overview of its features, it’s easy to see why. With plenty of power and some unique custom controls, this device can offer great amounts of versatility. Let’s take a look at how it handles.


Main Features

Remington D5220 Pro-Air Turbo Hair DryerAside from its chic and sleek aesthetic, this Remington hair dryer has plenty of features incorporated into its design. It’s most unique offerings include:

  • This device boasts a powerful 2,400 watt motor, which is more than enough for even the thickest and toughest of hair.
  • At full blast, this can generate air at 90 km per hour.
  • It also comes with an ion generator, helping to offer 90% more ions to help keep frizz at bay.
  • This is supported by a useful indicator light, so you know when this feature is in use.
  • As far as control goes, there are three different heat settings to choose from, as well as two speed options.
  • Furthermore, there is a cool shot function, as well as a turbo option.
  • Despite all this power, this is very quiet model.
  • For added control, the dryer comes with a concentrator, so you can finely angle the airflow as and when you need to.
  • When you need a wider area, the kit also comes with a diffuser to allow wider coverage and benefits.
  • The 1.8 metre cable also offers plenty of reach, whether its at your desk or standing up and helping someone else with their own hair. Great for various situations.

In short, this dryer has plenty of power and certainly aims to pack a punch. There are enough features here to keep even hair-conscious stylists and beauticians happy, as it offers the right amount of depth and versatility.




Using The Dryer

Despite its numerous features, this dryer is actually easy and simple to use. It fits well in the hand and its various controls feel very familiar and require no effort to figure out. This is great when you want to just plug in and go.

In terms of practicality, the 1.8 metre cable certainly proves useful. When you’re dealing with sockets in odd areas, such as behind furniture or away from your desk, the extra reach certainly comes in handy. When you’re drying someone else’s hair, this allows you to stand up and move around freely.

As for using the device itself, the 2400 watt motor speaks for itself. With this much power, the airflow is fast and consistent. This will tackle hair of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, this can be adjusted easily, thanks to the three heat settings and two speed modes. Combined, this represents 6 different combinations, allowing you to easily find the settings for any needs. If this wasn’t enough, there’s also both a cold shot and turbo feature, giving you both cold temperatures and quick bursts of speed when needed.

Similarly, the concentrator and diffuser are welcome additions. Although simple, this allows greater control over the airflow, whether its a wider area or a thin, narrow strip. Great for getting the details in any style and focusing on the right area of hair at the right time.



What can be said? When it comes drying hair, the Remington 2400w hair dryer does exactly that, yet offers numerous features to create a more versatile experience. This is great both as practical, generic dryer and as a complex, luxury stylist’s piece of equipment. Practical and elegant, yet full of useful features, this device offers a level of value that’s impossible to argue with.




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