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Cloud Nine Hairdryer Review 2022 – 2023 [The Airshot]


Susan Taylor

Susan is skilled hairdresser with a creative streak. With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Susan has honed her skills to perfection, and she's always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Susan is also an avid bloggerat, through her writing, Susan aims to inspire and educate others on how to achieve their best hair yet.

Smooth, silky and styled hair isn’t generally achievable with just the one product. You have to weigh in all kinds of factors like the shampoo or conditioner, a hair brush, some straighteners and obviously the handy hair dryer.
Yet, what if it is possible to use just one product? What if the product you’ve endlessly searched for is Cloud Nine’s latest product – The Airshot Hair dryer.

It could seem too good to be true, after all, there are thousands if not millions of hair dryers out there on the market. So what makes the Airshot hair dryer stand out from the crowd.

What Makes The Cloud Nine Airshot Hair Dryer Special?

Cloud Nine are one of the award winning leading companies that specialize specifically in curlers and hair straighteners. The Airshot hair dryer is actually the first hair dryer that Cloud Nine has engineered, (no pressure there then).
Cloud Nine have sat down and thoroughly thought this product through. The Airshot appeals to all sorts of customers, it can fit in with their hair type and their lifestyles.

What are the main features of Cloud Nine’s Airshot Hair Dryer?

  • Temperature Control – With its LED temperature indicator and three easy heat settings, it’s simple to get to grips with the Airshot hair dryer. It boasts a vitamin and tourmaline infused ceramic heating system – tourmaline is a type of semi precious stone – ensuring your hair is healthy and voluptuous.
  • Anti Static Technology – Using anti static technology, the Airshot hair dryer is exceptional when dealing with hair that is likely to frizz. This technology also reduces the amount of fly away hairs that you usually get when too much static is built up. These factors contribute to shinier, silkier hair.
  • Cool Shot Button – Flicking through different heat settings can slow your hair drying time down, but with a Cool Shot Button specifically made to cool the temperature down, you can be sure to dry and style in time for any major or minor event.
  • Extras – Two nozzles are included with this hair dryer, sized as 60mm and 75mm, these are used to perfect a certain style that the user wants to achieve. Also, attached to the hair dryer is a soft rubbery three metre cord which enables the user to extend the cord without the hazard of the cord kinking. And finally, a storage hook and multilingual instruction manual have been added to make storing and usage of the Airshot an easier job.

How Good Does It Look?

The Cloud Nine Airshot hair dryer has a uniquely shaped sleek black exterior, amalgamating a professional look with a futuristic ray gun. All joking aside, the professional look of this hair dryer is most definitely why it is used by a lot of hair dressers/salons nationwide.
On the other hand though, the Airshot has a very generic look about it. Walking through a shop I could quite easily walk past where it’s sat, Cloud Nine could add something to make it pop, some colour. I’m not saying they need to spray flames onto it, but adding just a dash of colour to its unique shape might boost its look and make it stand out as something different and innovative.

The Target Audience

The Cloud Nine Airshot hair dryer can be used by young and old, male and female. It really excels for those who have busy lifestyles and need to dry their hair swiftly.

In day to day life or maybe for a special night out, this hair dryer is ideal for giving you a quick hair drying turnaround, as well as the style of your desired look.

The Airshot really embraces all hair types and will make the users life a lot easier if they’ve struggled to find the right hair dryer.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Cloud Nine Airshot Hair Dryer?


  • Quality – Many users have praised the Cloud Nine Airshot as being built to last and of very high quality. Quality is something we search for in all products, so when people point this out, it’s a good sign.
  • Hair Types – All hair types will benefit from using the Airshot hair dryer. Styling your hair during the drying process is easily done, yet, the Airshot doesn’t only do this, it also takes care of your hair whilst all of this is going on; leaving you with lovely locks as well as deep satisfaction that your hair isn’t being damaged.
  • Fast Action – With its quiet, light, and powerful 2000w motor as well as multi speed air control, the Airshot hair dryer acts swiftly in drying your hair, halving the time it usually would take. This, as has been discussed is great for people with a busy lifestyle.
  • Highly Recommended – From salons to regular folk, the Cloud Nine Airshot hair dryer comes highly recommended. Noticeable differences have been recorded in a matter of days. These factors have lead users to buy this product as a gift for all of their friends and family members; with Christmas, Birthdays and other celebrations soon at hand, this could be an ideal gift for someone you love.
  • Value For Money – Ranging from £90-£120, the Airshot hair dryer is a little on the pricier side. Still, with the amount of quality and power included, users believe it’s well worth throwing your money at.


  • Heavy – Although some users have no quarrel with the weight, some have claimed it’s too heavy for a long use. Who knows, maybe the longer you use it, the stronger your right or left arm will get.
  • Hot – Again, there are mixed reviews, some say the hottest setting is too hot and some say it is fine. Regardless, if it is too hot, be sure that you’re holding the hair dryer further away from your hair so as to prevent any heat damage to your hair and your scalp.
  • Switches – Handling the Airshot hair dryer can prove to be rather fiddly. The switches for temperature control and speed are right beside each other and exactly where you clasp the hair dryer to use it. Users have complained that the switches should be placed elsewhere to prevent accidentally knocking them from high to low or slow to fast.
  • Accessories – We can’t expect Cloud Nine to include everything in their products, but surely they could have provided something a bit fancier than two hardly differential sized nozzles. Perhaps they wanted to keep the Airshot simple, but it does seem lacking in this area considering the price.
  • Price – Obviously, being priced around £100, this is a pro and a con, in the sense that it may not be affordable for the average shopper, or the average shopper will just find something cheaper on the ever growing market. Adding a few more components could have been vital to ensuring its value for money.

What Do We Think?

Cloud Nine are doing amazing work in the hair industry, their pioneering and creative approach to this hair dryer is quite admirable.
While the Cloud Nine Airshot hair dryer is a little bit costly it surely makes up for this in quality and sheer power.

The cons we’ve discussed are a mixture of minor and major problems, this is generally due to each user having a different experience of the same hair dryer.
Those opinions aside, we ultimately think that the pros outweigh the cons. The Airshot hair dryer comes so highly recommended that it naturally peaked our interest, and we hope it will peak your interest also.

Our final thought is this:

Not only will the Airshot blow you away, it will leave you on Cloud Nine!

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